A word from our Patron, Sir Terry Waite, CBE


"As Patron of the programme, Citizenship for Life, CIC, I am proud to be associated with a scheme that frankly is streets ahead of activities in other parts of the Country. This is due to the imagination and flair of the leaders of the course and also to those business firms who have had the foresight to sponsor this programme. If you are new to Citizenship for Life, may I encourage you to find out more and see if you can play some role in supporting these young people".


Citizenship for Life is a 12 month programme for young people aged 13-15 years old from local community schools in Cornwall who are experiencing personal challenges, such as bullying, bereavement, young carers, dyslexia, autism and amongst other life challenges. We recruit by application and interview, following a presentation to the whole year group in an assembly (which we deliver). Then it is a 12 month programme of 1 day a month, out of school, for a truly inspiring themed day, such as a Homelessness day, a Sustainability day, a Legal day, Health day and many more inspiring days.


Each young person is paired with their personal business Mentor from a range of local businesses, who give up their time voluntarily to mentor a young person for the whole of the 12 month journey.


Ultimately, the young people on our 12 month programme will benefit from the project. It is a learning experience of humility, good citizenship, social skills and the opportunity to be inspired to "follow their dreams". However, the voluntary Mentors also benefit from the programme, as they are there to support, understand, communicate, encourage and apply their life skills, and in return are rewarded in seeing that young person grow in self-confidence and step outside their comfort zones to become incredible young people.