Mentoring is an extremely effective way of providing guidance and support to young people in need and it is a proven way of aiding social mobility by encouraging and enabling local communities to work together.

The mentoring scheme on the Citizenship for Life programme was created in order to utilise the skills, experience and knowledge of the local community, to raise the ambitions and attainment of those young people who need it the most. Each participant on the Citizenship for Life programme is paired with a one-to-one mentor who has been selectively handpicked onto the programme to:

  • Be a positive role model for a young person in need
  • Be a person that their mentee can trust and confide in
  • Assist their mentee by helping to raise their confidence and self-esteem
  • Be a pillar of support for their mentee throughout the programme on each of the visits
  • Assist their mentee by offering good advice and contacts where necessary
  • Offer support in any tasks set on the programme

The role of the mentor is crucial to the development of the participants on the programme but it has also proven to be a very rewarding scheme for the mentors themselves too.

To volunteer to be a mentor please email or apply in writing for an application form.